School Delays, Closures, and Remote Instruction

Maintenance director plowing snow at the district

Most days students will likely receive instruction like normal. In the event of adverse weather or an emergency, there may be a two hour late start as outlined in school bell schedule. The bell schedule may be found here. If severe enough, students would receive remote instruction rather than coming to campus. Please remember, all students, K - 12 should take their district issued devices to school and home daily to ensure they are prepared for changes to scheduling.

Every reasonable effort will be made to maintain normal operations, but decision to make any scheduling changes for the day will be determined by 6:00 AM and announced by 6:30 AM. Decisions are based on the ability to safely transport students to school and input from other districts. If weather and road conditions are predicted to improve, a two-hour delay will be announced and will NOT be a remote learning day. If the District opts to switch to a continuous remote instruction day, the announcement will be made that in-person school is canceled for the day. 

  1. Standard instructional day. No announcement will be made.
  2. Late Start. An announcement will be made. Students scheduled to attend class on campus will follow the late start schedule for the day.
  3. Remote Instruction. An announcement will be made. Students will log in to their normally scheduled classes in secondary schools,  students will refer to their teachers' Canvas pages for specific information about each class. Teachers will provide students with instructions and plans for the day so that they may participate in remote learning through Canvas. 
Attendance:  Teachers will report attendance during each period. Students not in attendance remotely, on-time, will be marked absent.
  • In the event of a Snow Day, we now have the ability to offer remote instruction rather than to push the school year out further. 
  • The following section includes information about class schedules to help parents and guardians know when their student needs to be logged on and participating.
  • Parents and guardians kind find specifics to their students' classes in Canvas.
  • Synchronous (Zoom) and asynchronous (student directed). These are the primary methods of delivering instruction, similar to last year.
  • Unlike last year 70% of the instructional day for remote learning will involve synchronous activities.
Other - clubs, activities, and athletics will be canceled or rescheduled after the quarantine.


The day will be made up as a snow make-up day as indicated on the district calendar.
Other - clubs, activities, and athletics will be canceled or rescheduled after the quarantine.


The technology department has made a concerted effort to ensure that families needing a hot spot have been provided one. However, we understand circumstances change. Please contact the technology department at 349-1881 as soon as possible if your student needs a hot spot.



Normal (Monday - Thursday)
Period Time
1 8:20-9:10
2 9:14-10:04
3 10:08-10:58
Lunch 10:58-11:28
4 11:33-12:23
5 12:27-1:17
6 1:21-2:11
7 2:15-3:05


Early Release (Friday)
Period Time
1 8:20-8:57
2 9:01-9:38
3 9:41-10:18
4 10:21-10:58
5 11:01-11:38
Lunch 11:41-12:11
Advisory 12:14-12:44
6 12:48-1:25
7 1:28-2:05


Late Start*
Period Time
3 10:57 - 11:30
Lunch 11:30-12:00
4 12:04-12:37
5 12:41-1:14
6 1:18-1:51
7 1:55-2:28
1 2:32-3:05

 *Breakfast will not be served




  • Make sure your contact information on record is up-to-date.
  • When a campus closure or a delay is to occur, notification via ParentSquare will be made.
  • Follow the district on social media for timely updates. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  • The most detailed information will be on the homepage as well as local news outlets.
  • A brief pop-up banner will be used on the websites.
  • Brief information will be displayed on the electronic reader board, visible while entering campus at the main entrance.


Parentsquare/ studentsquare

A district wide announcement will also be made via ParentSquare which will provide the announcement by text, email, or in app depending on the selection during set up. 




In the event of a late start, Transportation Services will be delayed two hours.


Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services will be available as reasonable with regard to getting staff to campus safely. Information will be included in the morning in the announcement.

Local Media Outlets



  • KPQ, 560 AM
  • KULE, 730 AM
  • KWIQ, 1020 AM
  • KBSN, 1470 AM


  • KULE, 95.9 FM (EN)
  • KZML, 95.9 FM (ES)
  • KRCW 96.3 FM (ES)
  • KWWW, 96.7 FM (EN)
  • KDRM, 99.3 FM (EN)
  • KWIQ, 100.3 FM (EN)
  • LWLN, 103.3 FM (ES)