Student Spotlight

8th Grade

8th grade student spotlight, Feb 2022 next to bronze cougar

Ryan Madrigales

The work Ryan has been putting in to improve his classroom work ethic is paying off. People are noticing his efforts, specifically his teachers, describing Ryan as a “diligent student”. It’s not just his work ethic though but Ryan’s attitude is brightening everyone’s days too! A pleasure to have in class and courteous in the hallways, Ryan is also described as a “very kindhearted and respectful young man to his peers and teachers”.  

6th Grade

6th grade WMS Student Spotlight, Feb 2022 posing next to Bronze Cougar

Colton Cox

“A true Cougar”, Colton has a positive attitude that shows through in everything he does. In the classroom, Colton’s respectful and kind participation in class discussions brings some great energy that staff and other students genuinely appreciate. Colton is usually inquisitive and eager to learn no matter the topic. With homework, he is diligent about staying on top of his assignments and if he misses a couple of days, he works hard to get caught up. What really makes Colton “an excellent example to others” is how he conducts himself in class and with his peers which is with respect and with care.

7th Grade

WMS Student Spotlight, Feb 2022  posing next to bronze cougar

Hayleigh Shipley

With a contagiously positive attitude, Hayleigh comes to class ready to learn every day. Her attendance record is outstanding, so it really is practically every day which is great for teachers and classmates. Great for teachers because she diligently and consistently works hard keeping up on her classes and participating in class. When engaging in class discussions she is very outspoken in the best ways possible. One way is that she is not afraid to ask questions. The other is her willingness to stand up for herself and her friends. Hayleigh is also always willing to lend a hand to her classmates and teachers, “which lifts others”.  Hayleigh is “an awesome example of who a Cougar is”.